Dear, Assurance Public  Adjusters 

"Many thankful for helping us.  We appreciate the hard work of the public adjuster and the great negotiation with the insurance company to help us to get sufficiently many to do the repairs. I'm sure without you help, we wouldn't be able to get anything. Thank you for everything. You guys have a great customer server."
Sincerely, Etten Laura

" I want to express my gratitude for the prompt way assurance public adjusters handle my case. I received far more than my insurance company wanted to disburse. I must once again express my gratitude, and I look forward to working with you in the future."         
                          Ms, Gary

Welcome to Assurance Public Adjusters


We are Insurance Claims Adjusters who advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating an Insurance Claim. Our main focus is to reach property owners that have sustained property damages. Aside from attorneys, we are licensed by State of Florida who is the only type of Claims Adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an Insured during an Insurance Claim process. 

Assurance Public Adjusters can take those major headaches away and let you get back to your home or business. A typical fire or flood policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements, and many complex details such as inventory appraisals and real estate evaluations that are required in case of a loss. Most policyholders do not know the insurance business and are not familiar with all procedures. This is the major reason why a Public Adjusters can help you. They can process the claim quickly to expedite payments. We make sure your insurance claims do not represent just another number in a giant pile that may eventually collect only a fraction of what it should or worse yet, be denied entirely!


Residential Property
The American dream has always been to own a home. You've worked hard, saved and made one of the most significant purchases in your life. You've paid your insurance premiums for years and now damage has occurred. Most people's first step is to call their insurance company to file a claim. STOP think about it.  

Commercial Property 
When dealing with a hurricane claim, fire loss, or other disaster, we understand the unique challenges that face your business. More than 40% of all business never re-open after a disaster. Our job is to ensure that your business is not one of these 40% and returns to normal as quickly as possible.

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